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Dr. Sharese Martin

Personal Life & Career Consultant

Helping you channel your full potential

Feeling empty, stuck, or discourage? I am ready to help!

My Expertise

Learn how to increase your income, develop your career, and build more meaningful relationships by applying the continuous improvement process. I help individuals, couples, and families improve their overall quality of life.

During our sessions, I employ conceptualization. Conceptualization is the ability to identify and organize critical information that you present. I am trained to recognize themes and patterns to develop a working knowledge of your concerns. Then, I utilize reflective processes and incorporate appropriate skills to assist you in accomplishing your financial, personal, and
relationship goals.

I also offer specialized services for educators, parents of special needs children (autism specifically), and families affected by mental health issues

Additional Fields 

Educational & Career Consulting

Personal & Professional Growth

Set Goals & Build Success Skills

Continuous Improvement Process

The Continuous Improvement Cycle was originated by Walter A. Shewhart. Concepts of this self-reflective process are often applied in education and the workforce. The foundation of the continuous improvement cycle as found in Wikipedia is based on a simple application of:

1. Plan, 2. Do, 3. Check and 4. Act or Adjust.

A variation of the original Continuous Improvement Cycle is applied in my coaching and consultation services. First, we do a needs assessment. Then, we collaborate to plan goals and objectives. We strategize and plan activities. Then, you implement the plan. I provide ongoing support and we assess the effectiveness of our strategies. Then, we adjust as needed. By employing the Continuous Improvement Cycle, you may find an increase in your individual performance and your overall quality of life.